Your Pocket Change May be Worth Thousands – Here are Three Super Valuable US Coins Still in Circulation

Published Thursday, July 18, 2024

We take our pocket change for granted. It usually finds its way to the bottom of our pocketbooks or in a change cup in our cars. Or it fills jars at home.

But unknown to many people, there are some VERY valuable coins still in circulation. We’re talking coins that could be worth thousands.

Take a few moments and check your pocket change for any of these.

1969 Penny Double Die with Mint Mark S

If you look close, you’ll see all the lettering EXCEPT the mint mark (that little “S”) is “doubled”. This is an exceedingly rare coin, but it also doesn’t jump right out at you as an overly-valuable coin (50+ years old is not that old for a coin).

Check all your pennies. Put all with the 1969 date to one side. Then check closely. You may be buying a new car with your findings!

1943 Copper Penny

Since copper was needed for the war effort, most WW2 era pennies were made of steel. But a batch of copper pennies went out in 1943, and some are still circulating today. These can easily fetch $10,000 or more depending on condition. So if you have any 1943 pennies, put them aside until you can find out if they are copper or not.

1982 “No Mint Mark” Roosevelt Dime

There are likely still thousands of these in circulation, because really, how rare can a 1982 coin be? But a batch of 1982 dimes went out without a “mint mark” – if you have one of these, it can fetch several hundred dollars.

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