You've Been Peeling Bananas Wrong Your Entire Life

Published Thursday, July 18, 2024

Everyone loves bananas. But did you know that you’ve almost certainly been peeling them wrong? In fact, not just wrong, but completely backwards.

It would seem logical that you peel a banana from the stem. But we all know what happens half the time – the stem isn’t 100% ripe, and is hard to tear. So you work it, and you end up squishing the entire top of the banana. Bleh.

Bananas are actually meant to be peeled from the BOTTOM. This is how monkeys do it, and trust us, when it comes to eating bananas, they know much more than humans do.

Here’s how you peel a banana the right way:

  1. Turn the banana upside down.
  2. Gently pinch the very tip of the base (well, now the top… you know, the black/brown hard part).
  3. The banana skin immediately touching that tip will easily split. This is the key to this whole trick. In fact, you’ll be surprised how easy it splits.
  4. Peel the banana as usual. And enjoy!

We don’t know why people peeled bananas from the top anyway. Maybe it’s because the stem seems to be a handle? But whatever it is, once you try the “peel the banana from the bottom” method, you’ll see that’s exactly how nature intended it to be peeled.

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