You've Always Been Peeling Oranges The Wrong (and Messy) Way

Published Thursday, July 18, 2024

If you’re like us, you love a good, juicy orange. Whether it’s for snacking or to add to a fruit salad or garnishing another fun dish, oranges are a great fruit.

But they have one downside – they are hard to peel. Most of us use our fingertips and nails and basically “rip” the skin right off. It does (sort of) work, but it’s time consuming, it never really gets the entire peel off (lots of white stuff left), and it’s really messy, getting sticky orange juice all over your hands.

There is a better way. We’ll call it “the equator”. Three steps:

  1. Take a knife, and score around the middle of the orange (like making an equator around the middle). You only need to break the skin – about an eighth of an inch. Go all the way around.
  2. Take a simple teaspoon and insert the tip of the handle on one side of the orange. Work it in there and around, until you feel the skin pop off. You can now remove the entire top half of the skin!
  3. Put back the top half (so you have something to hold), and repeat on the other side. .

Additional Hack: The skin can be put back on, making this ideal for kid’s lunches. It makes it super easy for them to open the orange without getting their hands messy.

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