What It Means If You See Someone With A Bag Filled With Water And Pennies Above Their Door

Published March 6, 2019

Summer evenings are a great time to relax outside or spend time with family and friends. As the sun starts to set and the temperature gets a little cooler, many people head outside to swim in their pools or have a cookout. Most people have great memories of their warm summer evenings.

However, one of the only negative aspects of summertime is flies, and they can ruin even the most pleasant evenings. Fly bites stay itchy for days, and trying to swat flies away from your food is frustrating. Fly swatters help, but it is difficult to catch all flies with a swatter. Bug spray isn't foolproof, and bug zappers are expensive.

Luckily, one blogger has discovered an easy and effective way to keep flies away from your porch or your yard. All you need is a few pennies, plastic sandwich bags, salt, and some lime juice.

Mix the salt and a few squirts of lime juice into about two and a half cups of water and stir it. Then, pour the mixture into the sandwich bag and add the pennies. You can hang the bag anywhere outside by creating a hook out of a paperclip and sticking one end through the top of the plastic bag.

you have a large porch or yard, you can hang up as many bags as you need to keep flies away. This trick has worked well for everyone who has tried it, and it can be made easily out of ingredients you probably already have in your home. With this easy trick, you'll no longer have to worry about swatting flies and applying bug spray while you relax outside.