What Happens To Your Body Just Minutes After Drinking A Diet Soda

Published January 16, 2019

Many people who diet think one of the best choices you can make is to opt for diet drinks instead of the full sugar ones. However, new studies show artificial sweeteners are the worst choice you can make. They are terrible for your gut.

Why are they bad for your health? Anytime you have an artificial sweetener, toxins are released which are absorbed by your body. Ben-Gurion University researchers who conducted an experiment had studied six different sweetness to see the effect it had on their health.

The six artificial sweeteners they researched were: Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharine, Neotame, Advantame, Acesulfame potassium-k

Each of these was mixed with a bacteria that glows when toxins are detected. Each sweetener glowed when the bacteria were added. And the more of the sweetener was added, the brighter the glow became.

When these artificial sweeteners are digested and the toxins are released, it attacks your healthy gut flora. The side effects of this not only that it hurts your digestive system but it also affects metabolism, hormone regulation, and brain function. In addition to this, the study also showed that vital genes were reduced in the stomach when just even one sweetener was found in the gut.

Most people think artificial sweeteners are exclusive to soft drinks, but they can also be found in bakery goods, condiments, and yogurt. If you see an item with the words “reduced” or “sugar-free”, this means they likely have an artificial sweetener in them. Next time you plan to buy something with an artificial sweetener in it, you may want to place it back on the shelf.