Two Foolproof Tricks to Reheat Food the Right Way

Published Thursday, April 18, 2024

We all love leftovers. Whether we’re saving some money by bringing leftovers for lunch at work or school, or stretching one meal into two or three, leftovers are both economical and delicious.

That said, leftovers can be very tricky to reheat. How many times have you reheated leftovers, either in the oven or the microwave, and had “cold spots”?

ALL THE TIME, right? And that’s a bummer. There are you are, enjoying last night’s pasta, and bam, a cold spot. That can almost ruin lunch.

But there’s a foolproof trick I learned in reheating leftovers, and I’ll teach it to you right now. To properly heat leftovers, do these two things:

1) Make a hole in the middle (like the above picture). Do this whether the leftovers are on a plate or a casserole dish… simply make a hole in the center as best you can.

2) If possible, flatten the food out as much as possible. Wider is much better than deeper.

3) Once you do these two things, THEN reheat.

Doing these two things will ensure that your food reheats all the way through, and eliminates cold spots. This is because both the hole and flattening the food out gives you more surface area, and surface area reheats far more quickly and easily. Makes sense, right? (gotta love science).

So there you go – happy reheating!

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