The Secret Tic Tac Box Hack That Has People's Heads Exploding

Published Saturday, June 22, 2024

So how much have you thought about Tic Tacs lately? If you’re like me, the answer is “pretty much not at all”. I mean, they’re a tasty little mint, and we all love them, right? Especially the green ones. I love the green ones. Orange too.

But recently I had a friend show me something really cool, and I’m going to share it with you here. The Tic Tac box is more than just a simple holder for the candy – it has a hidden hack in it that actually helps you enjoy the mints more. Follow me here:

I’ll be honest, I used to dislike that “under the oven drawer” too. That’s because it does a poor job of storing things. It’s metal, so metal baking pans and cookie sheets all slide around, and it’s an odd size – too big for any one thing, and too small for two things side by side.

It’s hard to get just one Tic Tac out, right? They are so small, and when you tip the box, a few come out. I eat them one at a time, so I always end up putting a few back, sometimes I drop them, etc. It’s just an accepted part of loving Tic Tacs.

But the makers of Tic Tacs apparently knew this, and have the solution built right into the box. Look at the lid… on the underside, there’s a rimmed holder for… TA DA - one Tic Tac!

What you do is, you turn the box upside down, and slightly open it. Tip it back to it’s horizontal, opening the lid further, and there you go, a one Tic Tac serving!

Genius, right? Now go get some Tic Tacs and try it out (you know you want to!)

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