Life Hack 101 - The Best Use for a Can Opener Doesn't Involve Opening a Can

Published Thursday, July 18, 2024

We’re sure you’ve noticed the gradual increase in “really hard to open blister packaging” on many household goods. You buy a 3-pack of flashlights from a big box store, and then spend 20 frustrating minutes with scissors trying to open the darn thing.

And unless you have really sturdy scissors, you may even break them. Plus, cutting the package open this way leaves all kinds of sharp edges – how many times have you cut yourself on today’s tamper proof yet “super hard for consumers to open” packaging?

Believe me, there’s a better way to open these packages. Simply use your manual can opener.

Seriously, it works like a charm. Just start on one edge, and start turning the knob. It’ll slice right through the package, and if you’re good, you can probably go all the way around without stopping.

The result is an easy to open package devoid of jagged edges left by a not so straight scissor cut.

I used to wonder about these packages, and why manufacturers insisted on them. I realize they probably reduce theft and shoplifting, but at what cost? I know I’ve chosen an easier package if all else was equal between competing products. I hated opening them THAT much.

But now, no sweat. I use my can opener, and can open the package quickly and easily, without cutting myself. Pure genius.

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