Place This Common Spice Around Your House To Never See Another Bug Again

Published June 26, 2019

Cockroaches are some of the most indestructible creatures on Earth. Over centuries, they have learned to adapt to harsh conditions - they are resistant to radiation, can live without food for months, and are omnivores, meaning they eat all types of animals and plants. They are able to communicate with other infestations through chemicals left behind in their droppings, alerting other nearby pests to food sources.

If you are no stranger to this problem and have been having a hard time eliminating cockroaches from your home, try this natural holistic method that may work better than other harsh chemicals.

Bay leaves are a strong and natural cockroach repellent. It does not kill them but the overpowering odor that emanates from the herb keeps them away from areas where bay leaves are stored.

There are various effective methods for using bay leaves as a repellent. Leaves can be scattered whole throughout a pantry or cabinet to keep pests away or the leaves can be crushed into a dry powder, which makes their scent noticeably more potent.

Bay leaves are a non-toxic and safe alternative to harsh poisons and chemicals. They are safe to be used around pets as well. Because of their stiff nature, however, if they are ingested whole or in parts, they can cause digestive problems through internal scratching of the digestive tract with their sharp, pointy edges.

Scatter dry leaves or sprinkle crushed bay leaves in areas where you have problems with cockroaches - typically where food is stored, such as in pantries or cabinets.