I Always Have Windex In My House, But Had No Idea It Had This Clever Use

Published November 21, 2018

The name Windex is synonymous with the glass cleaner that leaves mirrors, windows, and windshields sparkling clean.

However, there are several other useful purposes to the cleaner which may validate its all-purpose use as laid out in the 2002 surprise smash hit "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Here are other useful purposes to Windex:

Pest Control - Windex can be sprayed at the point of entry where outside insects enter the house and it will provide a protective barrier to kill the insects on contact as they attempt to enter the house.

Grease Emulsifier - The blue liquid can bust up grease on a stove top quite effectively. Some say it is the best when it comes to removing grease. This includes getting grease off of cookware, but make sure to rinse it off completely when finished.

All-purpose cleaner - Windex can replace the job done by Comet, tub & tile cleaners, and disinfectants. It can the entire bathroom, tiles, and toilet.Fabric stain remover - Forget pre-soaking hard to clean stains from clothing and fabrics. Soak the stain in Windex for 15 minutes and rinse it away.

Zipper Repair - A stuck zipper needs lubrication, but you can't use WD-40 because it will harm the fabric. Use Windex, it will un-stick the zipper and not harm the fabric.

Ring Remover - Have a ring that cannot be removed because the ringer finger is "chubbied" up? Spray the finger with Windex, wiggle the ring to get it lubricated and slide it off.