Here's The Surprising Effect On Your Body Just 24 Hours After Eating Garlic

Published November 16, 2018

Besides repelling vampires, garlic has a lot of extremely healthy properties. If you eat about six roasted garlic cloves, then the body will begin healing in about 24 hours according to recent studies. Garlic is often known as one of the healthiest foods that you can eat as it can treat diseases and boost the immune system.

Some people take garlic to lower the blood pressure or cholesterol levels. It can also be used to treat some coronary diseases and to stimulate the blood flow. It only takes about 24 hours for you to begin seeing the effects that garlic has on the body.

Its consumption controls LDL cholesterol, prevents the production of angiotensin II hormone and relaxes the blood vessels.

It will begin to open the sinuses and help you breathe better. Garlic can also begin to lower the blood pressure. Significant effects of garlic likely won't be seen for a few days or a few weeks, but you'll begin to see some progress only a few hours after consumption.

Within about four hours of eating roasted garlic cloves or garlic in general, the food begins to break down cancer cells and begins to stimulate the metabolism. It also helps to break down fat in the body and flush out waste products that cause bloating.