Government Warns People If They See These Tiny Eggs, Back Away And Call For Help

Published April 24, 2019

When you begin planning for your garden, you probably think that it's alright to just start digging in the yard before planting the seeds or bulbs.

The government is now issuing a warning for everyone to check for small eggs before anything is put into the ground. Hummingbirds often use the ground as a home for their eggs. They are so small that it can be difficult to see the eggs until you have damaged the nest.

The eggs inside the nest are about the size of jelly beans. You might even mistake them for small pebbles if you don't know what to look for when you're digging. The birds do build their nests in trees as well. Anytime you prune your trees, you need to look for a small nest to see if there are any eggs or baby birds inside.

The hummingbird nest is one that is intricately designed. It has white material on the inside, similar to cotton. The nest weighs less than an ounce because it's so small. Most of the time, the nest is made of spiderwebs, which makes it hard to tell if it's a bird nest or a large spiderweb that you want to knock down. If you're in doubt, check first before doing any gardening.