Fast Food Worker Confesses The Menu Items You Should Avoid At All Costs

Published October 21st, 2019

When most people arrive at a fast food restaurant, the only thing that they care about is getting food fast. However, there are items that you should never order according to employees on the inside. Here is a list of items that, according to the people who work there, you should never order:

Chicken nuggets at McDonalds are set and left out for long periods of time. That is why employees suggest you request a fresh order of nuggets every time that you order one.

Taco Bell Employees recommend that you stay away from items that have steak and beans because the steak often sits out too long and a rehydrated mix of ingredients is used to make the beans.

When you go to Panera Bread, avoid the pasta because none of it is made fresh to order - all of the pasta is frozen.

The Wendy's Chili is another item you should stay away from. The chili is made from rehydrated ingredients and water.

If you go to Starbucks, try not to order anything from the secret menu and the barbecue sandwiches from KFC are questionable because the chicken is often stale.

Einstein Bagels does not use fresh eggs, in fact, the eggs are placed in the microwave and then into the warming bin and they may stay in the warming bin all day

And lastly, even if you love Dunkin Donuts, you may think twice about getting another donut from there, according to employees none of the items are fresh because they are baked off-site.