Eating breakfast at hotels? There is one item you must not eat

Published Saturday, June 22, 2024

A former employee of hotel dining rooms posted a viral post and warned against breakfast in general and one dish that is worth staying away from. But that's not all, she says general hygiene and maintenance should be a cause for concern, even in the most luxurious hotels.

People really like to eat breakfast at hotels. The abundance and the possibility to take what you want, increase the pleasure and it is one of the treats that the guests love most before they start their day.

So, what's the problem you ask? Well, the employee noted that she has worked in the kitchens of several hotels in a number of different chains and has been in charge of serving food for almost 15 years.

As an expert on the subject, she testified that what she found out was that "they just don't care about breakfast." She said, for example, that in one hotel the manager instructed her to clean the entire dining room with only one paper towel - the bowls, spoons and tables. She recommends that if you choose a hotel that serves free breakfasts - choose one where there is a chef who cooks the meal on the spot.

In addition, she warned against one popular breakfast item that you must avoid: the Waffle. She explained that the machine that makes the waffles is almost never cleaned and the mixture in it is not changed every day.