DIY skin care trick in 5 simple steps

Published Thursday, July 18, 2024

Facial skin care is not an easy task for every woman. There are lots of ways to treat facial skin, whether it is by creams, ointments, pills or treatments at the beautician.

The variety of options causes many women to spend hundreds of dollars a month trying to find the exact solution to their facial skincare, but could it be that the answer has been under their nose all along?

A new and creative trick running on social media explains how to treat facial skin by 5 simple steps that anyone can perform at home..

First step:

Remove all the lipstick from the roller

Step two:

Clean the roller with water and paper

Third step:

Fill the roller with tea

Fourth step:

Freeze the roller in the freezer

Fifth step:

Remove the roller from the freezer and apply on the facial skin

So how does this amazing treatment help?

Applying a cool compress or cold tool on the facial skin has many known benefits. It narrows the blood vessels and causes the appearance of redness and inflammation to improve. In addition it also tightens the skin temporarily, which relieves swelling especially around the eyes.