Cops Warn About New Tactic Criminals Are Using To Steal Your Car

Published June 28, 2019

Criminals keep coming up with new ways to cheat, rob, and steal from the innocent. One of the new tricks that’s popping up all over is the tire trick.

If you ever see an empty bottle near your car, or jammed in the tire, it should be used as a warning. Police are warning if you see or hear something stuck in your front right wheel, do not get out of the car.

Here’s how this scam works. A thief will place an object such as a water bottle in your right right tire. When you start the car, you will hear a strange noise. You then get out of the car to investigate and that’s when the criminal strikes.

Like most people, your first instinct is to leave the car running and check out what’s happening. While you are on the passenger side of the car, the criminal sneaks into the car. Since the car is still on, they simply drive away with your car.

Tell all your friends and loved ones about this new tactic so they can be prepared i incase they find themselves in this situation too.