After Seeing Why He Places An Ice Cube On His Burger When Grilling, I'll Never Make One Any Other Way Again

By Published June 8th, 2018

Thousands of methods to cook the perfect hamburger have been tested, but it’s this top chef method that works perfect every time.

Not everyone is a natural born grill-master, but no matter what your level of expertise, you can improve your results with burgers and other picnic favorites by following these easy pieces of advice.

They were suggested by experts in the culinary arts who don’t mind passing along a few tips to make the everyday grilling experience more pleasant.

Fish can be difficult to grill because they are so flaky and have a tendency to fall apart. A good way to combat this is to prepare a solution of saltwater beforehand and let them soak in it before you place them on the grill. This protects the structural integrity of the fish, and you won’t run into the usual problems with the fish crumbling.

Instead of using barbecue sauce to flavor your meat, you might want to try apple juice as an alternative. It’s light and keeps the meat extremely moist, especially when you put it in a spray bottle and apply it in a mist now and then throughout the grilling process.

Over-cooking is one of the biggest problems that grillers face. Of course, it’s important to stay with your grill instead of wandering off and leaving it unattended. But beyond that, a simple solution may be found by pushing all of the coals to one side. This way, as burgers are done, you can put them on the cooler side of the grill. They’ll still be warm, but they won’t get over-cooked.

Do you have problems keeping your meat moist? To avoid dried out burgers, try putting ice cubes atop your patties as you grill. The heat will gradually melt them, but the ice cubes will keep the burgers nice and juicy throughout the grilling process. An alternative option is to place a pat of butter on each burger.

Finally, it’s difficult to play host while also manning the grill. Because of this, many people find that their meal suffers when they try to do both things at once.

To avoid this problem, grill up your meat about four hours in advance, then put it on ice until the guests arrive. Make sure you grill it until it is nearly done so that it will only take a moment to heat it back up once dinnertime arrives.