After Seeing His Method To Making Corn, I’ll Never Make It Any Other Way Again

Published October 5th, 2018

Getting fresh corn is great and it's the best kind of corn for you. The worst part of fresh corn is that it comes in a husk. When you rip the green leaves of the husk off the corn you end up with green leaves stuck to the corn kernels and a lot of corn silk or what some people call corn hair.

It can take twice as long to take off the little pieces of corn silk and little green pieces of corn husk than it takes to cook the corn itself. This is the easiest way to take the husk off of a corn or "shuck" a piece of corn. First, you put the corn in the microwave for four minutes.

With a pot holder, take the corn out and place it on a cutting board. Find the root end of the corn. This is the end that is large and solid, which would be opposite the side where all the green husk comes to a point. Take a large sharp knife, similar to a chefs knife, and cut off the root end of the corn.

You should be able to easily cut right through it. Pick up the corn where the husk comes to a point, and shake the corn out of the husk. You may have to push down on the husk to coax the corn out. The corn slips right out of the husk without any hair or green husk attached to it.