3 Real Tips On How To Beat Procrastination

Published Thursday, July 18, 2024

Everyone has done it. Perhaps it is the college essay we’ve been pushing off to party, or maybe puttering in the yard to avoiding painting the house a new color your spouse picked out. There are a million reasons why we procrastinate. However, there are some simple ways to stop procrastinating, and get some work done!

Use a Planner

This is a tip that has helped out millions of people. Being able to plot out your week, and plan out the day is so important! When you write them down, you realize that you can make time for things. Perhaps getting the car looked at is more important than a coffee date with a friend. Using a planner is an eye-opener in realizing how much time most of us really have.

Give Yourself a Deadline

This is a very useful tool. Giving yourself deadlines for when you want to complete a task, or certain parts of a task, can help with concentration and definitely boosts motivation. Saying to yourself that you want to fix the crooked shelf in the living room by Wednesday gives you a mental note and inspires you to get it done.

Rewarding Yourself

This may be the most useful of all! After completing a task, take yourself out for a treat somewhere. Maybe as a reward, that postponed coffee date sounds wonderful! Rewarding yourself makes you feel accomplished for finishing the task at hand and can help build motivation to finish more!

Next time you see yourself procrastinating, you can think back to these useful tips and realize that beating procrastination is as simple as 1 2 3.