3 Quick Tips to Help you Sleep Better Tonight!

Published Saturday, June 22, 2024

Most of us could use better sleep – that’s a given. In fact, according to experts, as many as 70% of us do not get adequate sleep. But it’s often not for lack of trying – many of us try and go to sleep, but we don’t sleep as quickly – or as deeply – as we want.

The truth is, most insomnia issues are self-inflicted. And we can reverse that, starting tonight, with a few simple changes. Here are three of my favorites:

  1. Lose the Phone: Seriously, if you’re on your phone in bed, you’re letting the outside world interfere with your thoughts at precisely the moment you don’t want them invading. You can do it – Facebook and TikTok aren’t that important. Sleep is. Get rid of the phone, the social media, the politics… get rid of all that stuff before bed.
  2. Prepare for Bed: Start winding down a half hour before bed. If you can, turn off the TV, and pick up a book. Avoid bright lights. Avoid distressing conversations. Make “bedtime” a ritual that begins a half hour before you actually go to bed. You will sleep better for it.
  3. Exercise, But Not Too Late: Exercise has countless benefits, with improved sleep being one of the major ones. It does not have to be intense or painful – a quick 20-minute walk is better than nothing. But don’t do it too close to bedtime – that could have the opposite effect. The rule is 2 hours before bed, or more.

There are plenty of other tips for getting better sleep, but we’ve found simply incorporating these three will yield excellent results for most people.

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